How to use the russian keyboard online

Russian keyboard:

What is the virtual online russian keyboard ?

The russian keyboard ( русская клавиатура) is an online service which offers you a virtual keyboard (not a physical keyboard) to write in Russian language in case you don't have a physical russian keyboard attached with your computer .You have two options if you want to use this russian keyboard : Type english characters or letters ,the virtual keyboard takes care of converting or transliterating the characters to their russian equivalents. Use the mouse to enter the characters directly via the keys appearing on the virtual keyboard on this site . Following any option you choose you need to copy the final typed text and paste it on the desired text box.

 How to copy text in Russian keyboard ( русская клавиатура)

The russian keyboard doesn't type characters for you you need to type them either via your latin/english physical keyboard or use the mouse and then select the typed text and copy it either via keyboard combination CTRL+A then CTRL+C and then paste with CTRL+V or use your mouse by clicking the right hand menu and choose copy of course after selecting the text then again on the target area click with your mouse,when the right menu appears choose paste command.

Reasons of why people are using online and virtual russian keyboards

There are many reasons of why people are using online russian virtual keyboards such as :
In russian countries people use many languages alongside with the russian language .In many countries English and French are used so latin keyboard are used instead of russian keyboards but many people need to type in Russian for example when they are not working,when chatting or social networking as examples so they need both an russian and latin keyboards .So instead of using keyboards which support both latin and russian you can use a software system or an online service to type in Russian .

Also if you are travelling to another country and you are using a computer there ,in a cycbercafe for example ,and want to type in russian language then again you can use our online service.

How deos an Russian Keyboard work ?

A virtual russian keyboard uses a transliteration system .Transliteration means converting one language alphabet letters to their equivalents in another language in our case we are converting the English or more precisly the latin alphabet letters or characters.The transliteartion is assured via a programming system in JavaScript which listens for physical keyboard typed characters and convert them on the fly to the target alphabet(in this case russian) and the show them to the user.

 How to learn the Russian language using our online keyboard

If you don't know russian and want to learn it you can use our online service to start learning the basics of russian such as the alphabet.So how you can use this keyboard to learn the alphabet ? Just start typing the english letters and you can see on the fly their equivalents in russian.For example type
A B C you should get their equivalents which are й ц у

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